What is FIV?

The personal driver app for every car owner, FIV offers premium driver services that are affordable and accessible to all car owners.

What is the journey fare?

We charge by a block rate of $35/hr. The only exception will be during 11.30pm – 6.30am, where there will be an additional one-time midnight fee of $35.

Is it possible to drop a passenger off at another location?

Absolutely, at no extra charge unless the stipulated duration of the trip overruns, as we charge on a per hour basis.

Will I get my driver instantly upon booking?

For service to be guaranteed, we recommend for bookings to be made at least 1 day in advance on weekdays.

Is there a booking fee?

No. However, cancellation charges may apply once the grace period of 10 minute is over..

I want to cancel my booking. How?

You may cancel your request without charge for up to 10 minutes after you receive your booking confirmation. However, cancellation charges will apply once the grace period is over. Please refer to section on cancellation charges below for more details.

What are the cancellation charges?

Instant booking

$35 charge will be applied if there is a no show or a cancellation of an accepted booking after the grace period of 10 minutes.

Advance booking

$35 charge will be applied if there is a no show or a cancellation of an accepted booking after the grace period of 4 hours.

What if I want a change of destination during the trip?

You may change the destination at any point during the trip. However, the pick-up location is fixed and cannot be changed.

What if I have overestimated the number of hours I need and end up using lesser time than expected? Will I still be charged in full?

We charge on a per hour basis, so we will only charge based on. For example, if you booked a FIV chauffeur for 3 hours but only used 1 hour and 45 minutes, a charge for 2 hours will be applied.

What if I’m late?

There will be a grace period of 10 minutes once your driver has reached your pick-up location.

On top of the fixed hourly rates, are there additional charges for certain periods (e.g. midnight charge, peak hour surcharge, etc.)?

There will be a one-time midnight charge of $35 from 11.30pm-6.30am. ERP/Carpark or any miscellaneous fees will fully be paid by you

Why can’t I pay by cash?

We have decided to go cashless and use credit cards as the only mode of payment for your safety and convenience. No hidden costs, and no tips needed.

I lost my password. What do I do?

You can request for a new password in our app. An email will then be sent to the specified address with instructions on how to change your password.

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Do I need to own a car to be FIV ’s driver?

No, you don’t. All that is required of you is to produce a valid driving license, have at least 5 or more years of driving experience, and go through our Chauffeur Training to be a FIV driver.

Do I need a smartphone to become a FIV driver?

Yes, you do. FIV can be downloaded on Apple iPhone and smartphones with Android (as Samsung, Nexus, HTC, LG, and more).

How do I sign up as driver?

Visit the Become a Driver’s page on our website and fill up the driver’s form. If you have all the requirements for FIV, we will be contacting you shortly for an initial interview.

How many years of experience is required to be a FIV driver?

We require you to have at least 5 years of driving experience.

What documents do I need to provide?

We will need your NRIC and Driver’s license.

I already have a job, can I still be a FIV driver?

Yes absolutely! We hire part-time as well as full-time drivers.

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to drive?

Not at all, we offer flexible working hours and it is entirely up to you to fit your schedule around it.

How soon can I get my fare earnings?

Your fare earnings will be a weekly scheduled payout to your bank account 7-10 working days after the date of transaction.

How many hours can I drive in a day?

We care about all of our drivers, therefore we only recommend up to 10 hours of driving per day.

What if the customer cancel my booking?

You will earn the full hour should the customer cancel your booking after the grace period for advance or instant booking.

Can I cancel a job that I’ve already accepted?

We have a grace period of 10 minutes for Instant Booking and a grace period of 4 hours for Advance Booking. Cancellation charges will be incurred once the grace period is over. Please refer to our FIV drivers guidebook for additional details.

What should I do if the phone or app crashes in the middle of a trip?

Not to worry, all you need to do is just open the app again and it will reload the current page that you’re previously on.

My documents are “Pending,” What should I do?

Do give us a little more time to fully review your documents before we contact you.

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What is FIV Membership?

FIV Membership is a monthly subscription plan for premium driver services.

For a non-committal monthly fee, users get to enjoy reliable 24/7 driver service charged at low hourly rates. That means no more hassles and exorbitant costs from hiring a full-time contract driver!

How do I purchase the membership?

You can join any of our membership plans from our mobile app FIV.

What is the difference between the regular service and the membership?

The regular service is meant for you to have a taste of FIV’s top-notch service, before deciding if you want to purchase the monthly membership to enjoy its full benefits. Hence it is only charged at SGD35/H.

Exclusive membership benefits include reliable 24/7 driver service, reduced hourly rates at SGD30/H, driver guaranteed within 2 hours of booking (weekdays only), and many more.

What is the difference between Premium and Corporate plans?

Premium is catered to personal and family use, for Clients who own 1 to 3 cars, and it is limited to a maximum of 4 users. Corporate is designed for businesses and allows unlimited users, and capped at a maximum of 2 to 4 cars per user.

How much is the membership?

FIV offers different membership plans to best utilize our on demand personal chauffeur service. Prices of premium membership ranges from $499 to $999, while that of Corporate… ranges from $1199 to $1999. For more details, please head over to the FIV membership page.

How do I invite a new user on my membership?

Instant booking

After your membership is active, tap on the ‘Menu’ bar, and then click on ‘Membership Settings’. Here, you can send invitations and invite other users via email.

How do I remove a user?

After your membership is active, tap on the ‘Menu’ bar, then on ‘Membership Settings’. Here, click on Send Invitations, then on ‘See My Invitations’. From the ‘My Invitation’ page, swipe to the left on the user you want to remove, then click on ‘Delete’.

How do I add a car to my plan?

After successfully activating your FIV membership, tap on the ‘Menu’ bar, then on ‘My Cars’. From here click on ‘Add Car’ and fill up the relevant information.

How do I cancel the membership?

After your Membership is active, tap on the ‘Menu’ bar, then on ‘Membership Settings’. Here, click on ‘Manage Your Account’, then ‘Payment Option’ and lastly click ‘Cancel Membership’.

Is there any charge for cancelling the membership?

You can cancel your FIV membership any time. However, cancellation will be effective at the end of the current Monthly Period. This means that you will still enjoy FIV membership benefits till the end of the month. However, do note that you will not receive a refund should you not utilize the membership during that period.

Is there a contract?

No there is not contract. We charge on a monthly basis and you can cancel the membership anytime.

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